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Is your group interested in becoming a part of the coalition? Read more about our structure and contact us to join today.

Core Council

Climate action is a top priority for these organizations who regularly invest time and resources to the network and commit to the vision, values, and mission. Core Council member organizations designate a representative to participate in coalition meetings and activities and make a firm commitment to MCAN.

Advisory Council

Climate crisis is an area of expertise, or important to the vision, mission, and values of these community leaders and organizations. Advisory Council members will volunteer unique knowledge and skills to help guide the coalition. Advisory Council members may contribute time and resources, are welcome to attend meetings, advise the group on key topics, and work to broaden the network.


Coalition Supporter

The climate crisis is an area of interest, either ethically or economically for these community leaders and groups. Supporters receive regular communications, are invited to participate in major coalition events and actions, support the network through direct action, involvement and/or funding, and are welcome to attend meetings.


Decision Making 

MCAN is a non-hierarchical organization which makes coalition decisions by consensus. All member organizations participate in choosing the year’s focus issues and can collaborate on programming.

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