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Eight youth participants from across the state crafted their personal climate stories.

MCAN ran a four session workshop, Crafting Your Own Climate Story, with teaching artists from the Telling Room. We had eight youth participants from across the state who crafted their personal climate stories, learning and sharing an understanding of their individual place in the climate crisis. These youth writers showed their care about the place they live in and observed the changes around them. All our stories will connect us through understanding the effect the climate crisis is having on our lives and will inspire us to action to confront the climate crisis. Enjoy these youths’ stories!

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Abigail Holubrinkle

An Eye For An Eye

Narraguagus Jr/Sr High School

Age 15

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Brisa Ortiz Garcia

Pockets of Peace

Narraguagus Jr/Sr High School

Age 16

"Natua's fury burned hotter than magma. She was brutal. Plague after plague, each more threatening than the last. The ground shook, oceans churned, fires devoured everything. Even the plants and animals answered her call for vengeance, eager to bite back."

– Abigail Holubrinkle

Isabelle Rogers


Sunrise Movement Franklin County/MYCJ

Age 21

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Jeni Nganobo

The Change in the Environment

University of Maine at Machias

Age 23

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Luke Sekera-Flanders

Water Predator: Privatization and Theft in a Climate of Uncertainty

Age 18

"The relationships we made in the nearly 4 year legal battle grew into a resilient network of communities across the state. We have seen many victories since, all crucial steps in the direction of water justice."

– Luke Sekera-Flanders

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Mark Hurlbert

Basement Flood 

Narraguagus Jr./Sr. High School

Age 14 

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Tamra Benson

We’re Here to Heal Each Other

University of Maine at Orono (2023) / Maine Youth Action

Age 21

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Yani Nganzobo

My Story - Climate Change

University of Maine at Machias (2022) / Color of Climate-Gateway Community Services 

Age 23

"A little girl sits on the ground in her backyard, tiny fingers deliciously intertwined with the soft blades of grass. The world belongs to her, and she belongs to the world."

– Tamra Benson