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Learn more about how we became a statewide coalition.

Maine Climate Action NOW! (MCAN) formed in early 2019 to increase the impact of Maine’s leading climate action organizations. The coalition grew its roots in a visioning and strategy conference convened by A Climate to Thrive (ACTT) in 2018. ACTT had laid out an urgent vision to achieve energy independence for Mount Desert Island by 2030. 


Like the other groups, ACTT realized that bold state policy and regulatory reform would be needed to meet our vision: reduce carbon emissions, improve economic and environmental health of our communities, generate year-round jobs, and increase social equity. With new leadership in Augusta, we knew the time was right for statewide action, and with inspiration from a growing global youth-led climate movement, MCAN was founded with representatives of five organizations at the Core Council level.


With the support of key legislative leaders in Maine MCAN carried ACTT’s ambitious project to the state level. This policy (LD 658) is the most progressive climate legislation passed by any state to date and requires the administration to develop a plan to make Maine energy independent (net zero) by 2030


MCAN connects, elevates, and amplifies youth and historically marginalized voices.  We unite and strengthen leaders from across Maine in demanding effective climate action now.

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