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Learning about climate change can feel overwhelming, we can feel helpless in the face of such a massive problem. Thankfully, the reality is that every individual and every community can make a difference, and the impact of all of our efforts is significant. In this section you will find examples of how people in Maine are making a difference, and resources to help you initiate change in your community!

Organizations and causes to join and follow!

Take action in your local and statewide community by joining these organizations and causes. Follow them on social media to see how to get involved or visit their website to learn more and connect!


Maine Youth for Climate Justice (MYCJ) is a coalition of 400 youth from all over Maine who fight for bold climate action, a just transition, and a livable future in Maine. MYCJ is open to anyone under the age of 30 who is interested in engaging at the local or state level about climate justice issues.


Color of Climate(COC) centers youth and Black, Indigenous and People of Color, their voices, experiences, and perspectives on climate change and environmental justice. COC members explore the intersection of the climate crisis and our communities, who is involved in the fight for climate justice, and how you can be a leader in change. 

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Artists’ Rapid Response Team (ARRT!)

ARRT! (Artists’ Rapid Response Team) collaborates with 60+ non-profit, progressive groups to promote social change in Maine. This collective of approximately twelve artists meets monthly to create issue-oriented, socially-engaged banners and props. Check out their website to see their banners!

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Community Water Justice

Community Water Justice is a network of front-line Maine communities determined to secure rights to clean groundwater through education/action for future generations. Visit their social media to learn more.

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A Climate to Thrive

A Climate to Thrive works towards energy independence for Mount Desert Island by 2030 through decentralized, local, renewable energy solutions including efficiency, electrification, and renewable energy generation. 

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The Franklin County hub of @sunrisemvmt. We are youth-led activists in rural Maine using our power to fight for good green jobs and a livable future. Visit the Sunrise Movement website below to start a local chapter. 

Center for an Ecology-Based Economy

The Center for an Ecology-Based Economy in Norway, Maine works to engage the community in addressing the climate emergency. We organize, educate, take direct action, and implement practical, ecological solutions for a just transition to a thriving, regenerative economy

Sierra Club Maine

Founded in 1892, the Sierra Club is the oldest and largest environmental advocacy organization in North America. Our mission is to explore, enjoy and protect the planet. Join Sierra Club's Maine Chapter to get involved. 

Defend Out Health Action

As the action partner of Defend Our Health, we’re working to prevent harm to Maine families from toxic chemicals in everyday life. That means acting now on the science linking chemical exposure to chronic diseases, disabilities and early death. And protecting the health of the most vulnerable among us, including pregnant women and children.

Maine Environmental Education Assoc.

The Maine Environmental Education Association (MEEA) builds environmental awareness, accountability, and action by centering equity and advancing systemic change.

Third Act: Maine Working Group

We are Maine Elders committed to building a network of our peers to mobilize our time, resources, and life skills to prevent the destruction of our democracy and our climate.

Forest Trees
Sunlight Media Collective

Follow this organization of indigenous and non-indigenous media makers and activists, including Wabanaki tribal members, working to document and present stories affecting Wabanaki people and highlighting Wabanaki perspectives, with a particular emphasis on the intersection between environmental issues and tribal rights.

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Wabanaki Alliance

In June of 2020 the tribes in Maine—Mi’kmaq Nation, Houlton Band of Maliseet Indians, Passamaquoddy Tribe and Penobscot Nation—formed the Wabanaki Alliance. The Wabanaki Alliance was created to educate people of Maine about the need for securing sovereignty of the tribes in Maine.

Maine Climate Action NOW! (MCAN)

MCAN catalyzes transformative education and action in response to the climate and ecological emergency. We seek to honor, unite and amplify the voices of youth, frontline communities, and others historically excluded from the climate conversation and positions of power. 


The Maine Climate Science Portal was envisioned and developed by Maine Climate Action Now. Content development, to date, has been a largely-volunteer effort. Click here to see a full list of contributors.

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