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Get to know the people working to boldly build Maine's climate movement.


Jess Falero.jpg

(they/them) Climate Justice Co-Coordinator
(for MCAN and Maine Youth for Climate Justice)

Jess has been a community organizer for five years in Portland, Maine. Their work is mainly focused on homelessness, poverty, and harm reduction, along with an emphasis on climate change as an intersection for those that have been historically left out of the conversation. Some of the projects they have organized are the Unhoused Encampment on the steps of Portland City Hall during the 2020 pandemic. They were recognized in the House of Representatives for their work on LD 1294, An Act To Prevent Discrimination against Domestic Violence Victims. They have raised over $100,000 through social media and put the money directly into supporting poor and working class people in Portland.

Cora Kircher.jpg

(they/them) Communications Co-Coordinator

Cora lives in Portland, Maine and grew up in New York's Hudson Valley. Cora first got involved in the climate movement as an organizer for fossil fuel divestment in college, and has since been involved in various social justice struggles in Vermont and Maine. In their free time, Cora likes making art and music, spending time outside, and eating delicious food!

Tony Antoine.jpg

(he/him) Climate Justice Co-Coordinator
for MCAN and Maine Youth for Climate Justice)

Tony is a multi-lingual outdoorsman who fishes, forages, gardens and hunts to exercise food sovereignty, to obtain sustenance ethically and to take part in anti-capitalist food systems. Originally from Baltimore, Maryland, Tony is an Afro-Caribbean American of Trinidadian descent. His love affair with the outdoors started with hearing stories of his ancestors in the Caribbean. Before he could walk, he spent many hours crabbing and fishing in the Chesapeake Bay with his father and siblings. He left Baltimore for college and graduated from Bowdoin in 2016. Never forgetting his roots and connections to nature he has remained in Maine, continued to do the same things that his ancestors have always done and has expanded his knowledge and activities when outdoors. Tony is very vocal about his passions and is enthusiastic in encouraging people of the Afro-Diaspora, women, and BIPOC folks to re-establish their natural and ancestral connections to the great outdoors. Tony believes that rekindling these natural relationships amongst marginalized and intentionally excluded groups of people is the first step in participating in climate justice and addressing issues of climate change.

Isabelle Rogers.png

(any pronouns) Communications Co-Coordinator

Isabelle is an artist, musician and activist from Western Maine. She uses art as a medium for positive change through her award-winning short films and original music from her band Sagittarius Rising. Isabelle is also the hub organizer of Sunrise Movement Franklin County and a member of Maine Youth for Climate Justice.

Michelle Fournier pix.jpeg

(she/her) Program Coordinator

Michelle began her climate activism journey 10 years ago, joining the fight against the Keystone XL pipeline. She was a full-time climate organizer for over half that time and worked at local and national levels. Michelle now teaches part-time at Maine Local Living School and is working to start a small land-based intentional community in Maine, which she sees as different forms of activism for climate justice. She lives in Bristol and enjoys recreating outdoors, foraging for wild food and medicine, and getting to know her human and non-human neighbors.

Amy Eshoo.jpg

(she/her) Director of Maine Climate Action Now

Amy was the Program Director for 350 Maine before taking the lead at MCAN. Prior to moving to Maine she was a practicing artist and art educator in London and New York. Her favorite things about her home in North Yarmouth are the quiet and the dark night sky. Lately she has taken to ‘coldwater dipping’ in the ocean with fellow mermaids.

Maine Youth for Climate Justice (MYCJ) works closely with Maine Climate Action Now (MCAN). We share the Climate Justice Coordinator positions and collaborate in our fight for climate justice.


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