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Get to know the people working to boldly build Maine's climate movement.


Thea Hart.jpeg

(they/them) Communications Co-Coordinator
(social media)

Thea is an interdisciplinary artist, graphic designer, and rural organizer living and working in unceded Wabanki and Arosguntacook Territory known as Norway, Maine. They were raised in the Pequawket Valley, known as Fryeburg, Maine, and attended Alfred University’s School of Art and Design where they received their BFA in 2019. Their art practice spans oil painting, drawing, writing, digital media, performance, and sculpture, and their work has been featured across the Northeast. Thea is passionate about cultivating resilient creativity and relationship (human and beyond) in their community and playing their part in repairing climate crisis and systemic inequality. In their free time, you can find Thea learning about the folk songs and traditions of their ancestors, drawing trees, and walking in the woods. Thea is a founding member of the Norway Equitable Housing Cooperative project, works at Fare Share Food Cooperative managing communications and development, and serves on the Board of Stewards at climate justice non-profit, Center for an Ecology-Based Economy.

Isabelle Rogers.png

(any pronouns) Communications Co-Coordinator 

Isabelle is an artist, musician and activist from Western Maine. She uses art as a medium for positive change through her award-winning short films and original music from her band Sagittarius Rising. Isabelle is also the hub organizer of Sunrise Movement Franklin County and a member of Maine Youth for Climate Justice.

(he/him) Advocacy Coordinator

Before MCAN Ezra worked at Maine Youth for Climate Justice (MYCJ), which drove home the important connection between climate and social justice. Ezra recognizes protecting the climate must also mean challenging and overcoming unjust and unsustainable hierarchies such as colonization and capitalism. At MYCJ, Ezra supported tribal sovereignty legislation, offshore wind education and legislation, MainePERS divestment implementation, the Pine Tree Amendment, a consumer-owned utility in Maine, funding climate education in public schools, and tracking Maine Public Utilities Commission dockets.

At MCAN, he is excited to continue much of this work and strive towards further climate justice goals and new alliances. Ezra also serves on Sierra Club Maine’s Executive Committee and Bar Harbor’s Climate Emergency Task Force. He believes it is past time for everyday people to take back the power that has been concentrated for far too long in the hands of the few. We know the status quo is not working, so let’s be uncompromising and bold about the future we know we can create!

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Michelle Fournier pix.jpeg

(she/her) Program Coordinator

Michelle began her climate activism journey 10 years ago, joining the fight against the Keystone XL pipeline. She was a full-time climate organizer for over half that time and worked at local and national levels. Michelle now teaches part-time at Maine Local Living School and is working to start a small land-based intentional community in Maine, which she sees as different forms of activism for climate justice. She lives in Bristol and enjoys recreating outdoors, foraging for wild food and medicine, and getting to know her human and non-human neighbors.

Amy Eshoo.jpg

(she/her) Director of Maine Climate Action Now

Amy was the Program Director for 350 Maine before taking the lead at MCAN. Prior to moving to Maine she was a practicing artist and art educator in London and New York. Her favorite things about her home in North Yarmouth are the quiet and the dark night sky. Lately she has taken to ‘coldwater dipping’ in the ocean with fellow mermaids.

Maine Youth for Climate Justice (MYCJ) works closely with Maine Climate Action Now (MCAN). We share the Climate Justice Coordinator positions and collaborate in our fight for climate justice.

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